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ILAS-Net Archive 2018

2018 March 15                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2199
SUBJECT: International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics: IWMS-2018

This is a warm welcome to the 26th International Workshop on Matrices
and Statistics, IWMS-2018, to be held in Montréal (Québec, Canada)
from Tuesday 5 to Thursday 7 June 2018.

The venue: the Multimedia Centre at Dawson College, Westmount (Montréal): 

On Tuesday 5 June 2018 we plan to hold a mini-symposium for T.W.
Anderson (1918-2016) and on Thursday 7 June 2018 we plan to hold the
3rd mini-symposium on "Magic squares, prime numbers and postage

We have reserved some rooms for IWMS-2018 participants at the Marriott
Residence Inn Westmount (2170 Lincoln Avenue, Montreal): 

These rooms will be held through Saturday 31 March 2018. We would also
like to have the title and abstract for your talk by 31 March 2018.
For more information on IWMS-2018 and several links please visit our

We look forward to seeing you in Montreal in June 2018.

2018 March 13                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2198
SUBJECT: 2018 ILAS Membership

The official ILAS membership list has been updated to include only 2018 members.  

If you are not a 2018 member and would like to be, please use the "Join ILAS Now!" button on that page (above the membership list) and follow instructions to join or renew.  

If you have questions about your membership, please contact Leslie Hogben at 

2018 February 17                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2197
SUBJECT: International Conference on Matrix Inequalities and Matrix Equations

The 2018 International Conference on Matrix Inequalities and Matrix Equations  
(MIME2018)  will be held at Shanghai University, Shanghai, China, June 8-10, 2018.

The purpose of the conference is to stimulate research and foster interaction of 
researchers interested in matrix inequalities, matrix equations, and their 
applications. It is hoped that the informal conference will provide an opportunity for 
researchers from different areas to exchange ideas and to share information .

The conference is hosted by the International Research Center for Tensor and Matrix 
Theory (IRCTMT), Shanghai University, and supported by Gaoyuan Discipline of Shanghai 
-- Mathematics, Shanghai City, China.

The Scientific Organizing Committee consists of:

Delin Chu (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Chi-Kwong Li (College of William & Mary, USA)
Tin-Yau Tam (Auburn University, USA)
Qing-Wen Wang (Chair, Shanghai University, China)
Fuzhen Zhang (Nova Southeastern University, USA)
Yang Zhang (University of Manitoba, Canada)

For more information, please visit the conference website: 

2018 February 15                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2196
SUBJECT: Linear Algebra and Applications Workshop - LAAW2018

We are pleased to announce that the  Linear Algebra and Applications  Workshop -  LAAW2018 - will be held on July  30-31, 2018 in Niterói, RJ, Brazil, at Fluminense Federal University (UFF).

LAAW2018 is a satellite event of ICM 2018 (International Congress of Mathematicians) and a warm up for ILAS 2019, that will take  place in Rio as well.

We have four confirmed invited speakers:

Carlos Tomei, PUC-RJ, Brazil;
Chris Godsil, University of Waterloo, Canada;
Dragan Stevanovic, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts,  Serbia;
José Roberto P. Rodrigues, Petrobras/Cenpes, Brazil.

In addition to the invited plenary talks, LAAW 2018 consists of  contributed talks and poster sessions. Contributions in any area of Linear Algebra are welcome.

Deadline for submissions:  March 15, 2018

More details can be found in 

We hope to see you at  LAAW2018,

Renata R. Del-Vecchio UFF
Vilmar Trevisan UFRGS

2018 February 15                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2195
SUBJECT: LAA Special Issue in Honor of Vladimir Sergeichuk

Linear Algebra and Its Applications (LAA) is pleased to announce a special issue in 
honor of Professor Vladimir Sergeichuk in recognition of his many important 
contributions to linear algebra and on the occasion of his 70th birthday in 2019. 
LAA solicits papers for the special issue within the entire scope of LAA with a 
special emphasize on research topics related to the work of Vladimir Sergeichuk. 
This is to remind you that the deadline for submissions of papers is April 1, 2018. 
All submissions will be subject to normal refereeing procedures and the usual 
standards of LAA will be applied. They should be submitted via the Elsevier 
Editorial System EES (, choosing the special issue 
called ``In Honor of Vladimir Sergeichuk" and the responsible Editor-in-Chief Peter 

Authors will have the opportunity to suggest one of the following special editors to 
handle their submission: Natalia Bebiano, Matej Bresar, Vyacheslav Futorny.

2018 February 14                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2194
SUBJECT: Graduate Student Modeling Workshop (IMSM 2018), July 2018

The 24th Industrial Mathematical & Statistical Modeling (IMSM) Workshop for Graduate 
Students will take place at North Carolina State University, between 15-25 July 
2018.  The workshop is sponsored by the Statistical and Applied Mathematical 
Sciences Institute (SAMSI) together with the Center for Research in Scientific 
Computation (CRSC) and the Department of Mathematics at North Carolina State 

The IMSM workshop exposes graduate students in mathematics, engineering, and 
statistics to exciting real-world problems from industry and government. The 
workshop provides students with experience in a research team environment and 
exposure to possible career opportunities. On the first day, a Software Carpentry 
bootcamp will bring students up-to-date on their programming skills in Python/Matlab 
and R, and introduce them to version control systems and software repositories.

Local expenses and travel expenses will be covered for students at US institutions.
The application deadline is April 15, 2018.
Information is available at 
and questions can be directed to 

With best regards,
Mansoor Haider, Ilse Ipsen, Pierre Gremaud, and Ralph Smith

2018 February 12                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2193
SUBJECT: International Conference on Matrix Analysis and Applications (ICMAA2018)

The 7th International Conference on Matrix Analysis and Applications (ICMAA2018) 
will be held at Shinshu University, Japan, June 22-25, 2018.

The meeting aims to stimulate research and interaction of mathematicians in all 
aspects of linear and multilinear algebra, matrix analysis, operator theory, 
graph theory, combinatorics, and their applications and to provide an 
opportunity for researchers to exchange ideas and developments on these 
subjects. The previous conferences were held in China (Beijing, Hangzhou), 
United States (Nova Southeastern University), Turkey (Selcuk University, Konya), 
and Vietnam (Duy Tan University, Da Nang). Former keynote invited speakers are 
Roger Horn, Richard Brualdi, Chi-Kwong Li, Steve Kirkland, Alexander A. Klyachko 
(ILAS guest speaker), Shmuel Friedland, and Man-Duen Choi.

Invited speakers of ICMAA2018 are:

Tsuyoshi Ando, Hokkaido University (Emeritus), 
Fumio Hiai, Tohoku University, Japan

The scientific organizing committee (SOC) consists of

Hiromichi Ohno, Shinshu University, Japan.
Hiroyuki Osaka, Ritsumeikan University, Japan.
Tin-Yau Tam, Auburn University, USA.
Qing-Wen Wang, Shanghai University, China.
Fuzhen Zhang, Nova Southeastern University, USA.

The conference official website is 

The conference is sponsored by JSPS.

We are looking forward to seeing you in June 2018.

2018 February 08                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2192
SUBJECT: Nominations Sought for Hans Schneider Prize

The 2018 Hans Schneider Prize in Linear Algebra Committee has been appointed by 
ILAS President upon the advice of the ILAS Executive Board. It consists of: 
Rajendra Bhatia (chair), Richard Brualdi, Shmuel Friedland, Tom Laffey, Paul 
Van Dooren, and Peter Semrl (ex officio - ILAS president).

The purpose of the committee is to solicit nominations, and to make a 
recommendation to the ILAS Executive Board, for this Prize to be awarded at the 
ILAS conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 2019.

Nominations, of distinguished individuals judged worthy of consideration for 
the Prize, are now being invited from members of ILAS and the linear algebra 
community in general. In nominating an individual, the nominator should include:

(1) a brief biographical sketch, and

(2) a statement explaining why the nominee is considered worthy of the prize, 
including references to publications or other contributions of the nominee 
which are considered most significant in making this assessment.

The prize guidelines can be found at 

and the list of all Hans Schneider Prize winners at 

Nominations are open until December 1, 2018 and should be sent, preferably by 
email, to the Chair, Rajendra Bhatia ( The committee may 
ask the nominator to supply additional information.

2018 February 06                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2191
SUBJECT: New Editors for IMAGE

There is some new staff for IMAGE,
the Bulletin of ILAS. Louis Deaett is now
the new Editor-in-Chief. He teaches at
Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT, USA. He's
looking forward to being EIC and co-edited the Fall 2017
issue of IMAGE with me.

There are also two new Contributing Editors:
Jillian McLeod (U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT, USA) -
contributing editor for announcements and reports about conferences
and journals, and Colin Garnett (Black Hills State University,
Spearfish, SD, USA.) - contributing editor for Book Reviews.
They are replacing Minnie Catral and Doug Farenick, respectively,
who have served in these positions very well.

The following contributing editors are continuing their excellent work:
  Sebastian Cioaba - Feature Articles 
  Carlos Fonseca - Inteviews
  Rajesh Pereira - Problem Section
  David Strong - Education
  Naomi Shaked-Monderer - History of Linear Algebra
  Amy Wehe - Advertisements.

I have enjoyed working on IMAGE and want to
thank ILAS for this opportunity. I would also like to
thank all the Contributing Editors who have
served with me, for their excellent work and collaboration. I
especially want to thank Jane Day for her help in getting me
started with IMAGE. I'm happy about the enthusiastic
new volunteers who are joining the staff of IMAGE.

Kevin Vander Meulen

2018 February 05                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2190
SUBJECT: Workshop on Numerical Ranges and Numerical Radii

The Fourteenth Workshop on Numerical Ranges and Numerical Radii

The worskop will take place at the Technical University, Munich, June 13 to June 
17, 2018.

The year 2018 marks the 100 anniversary of the celebrated Toplitz-Hausdorff 
Theorem (1918/1919) asserting the numerical range of an operator is always 
convex. There has been a lot of research activities on the topic after this 
fundamental result was established. The high level of research activities are 
due to the many connections of the subject to different pure and applied areas.

The purpose of the workshop is to stimulate research and foster interaction of 
researchers interested in the subject. The informal workshop atmosphere will 
facilitate the exchange of ideas from different research areas and, hopefully, 
the participants will leave informed of the latest developments and newest ideas.

One may visit the website WONRA ( to see 
some background about the subject and previous meetings, and also  the Wiki page 
for the history of the workshop and related meetings on the subject.

To celebrate the 100 anniversary of the Toplitz-Hausdorff Theorem, there will be 
a special workshop in the summer of 2019 held in Japan (Kyoto/Osaka area), and 
the 2020 workshop following the usual schedule at  Portugal (Coimbra), in the 
summer of 2020.

One may visit the 2018 workshop page 
for update information and registration details of the 2018 workshop.

Hope to see you in Munich.

Organizers of 2018 Workshop on Numerical Ranges and Numerical Radii

Douglas Farenick, University of Regina.
David Kribs, University of Guelph.
Chi-Kwong Li, College of William and Mary.
Sarah Plosker, Brandon University.
Thomas Schulte-Herbruggen, Technical University, Munich.

2018 February 05                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2189
SUBJECT: ILAS Election Results

The ballots for this year's ILAS elections have now been counted, with the
following results:

Leslie Hogben has been re-elected to the position of Secretary/Treasurer for
a three-year term, beginning on March 1, 2018;


Maria Isabel Bueno and Vilmar Trevisan have been elected to three-year terms
as members of the ILAS Board, beginning on March 1, 2018.

On behalf of ILAS, I take this opportunity to thank the members of the
Nominating  Committee - Froilan Dopico (chair), Richard Brualdi, Anne
Greenbaum, Yongdo Lim, Sarah Plosker  - for their efforts on behalf of ILAS,
and also to thank all of the nominees for their participation in the

2018 February 01                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2188
SUBJECT: 23rd ILAS Meeting:  June 22-26 2020, National University of Ireland, Galway

Dear ILAS Community,

A date for your diary: the 2020 Meeting of the International Linear Algebra 
Society will be hosted by the School of Mathematics at the National University 
of Ireland, Galway, from June 22-26, 2020. Please see for an impression of the venue. Further details will 
follow within the next few months. 

Best wishes,
Rachel Quinlan (on behalf of the local organisers). 

2018 January 31                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2187
SUBJECT: IMA Conference on Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization

6th IMA Conference on
Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization
University of Birmingham, UK 27 - 29 June 2018
Registration open

The IMA and the University of Birmingham are pleased to announce the Sixth IMA 
Conference on Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization. The meeting is 
organised in cooperation with SIAM, whose members will receive the IMA members' 
registration rate.


The success of modern codes for large-scale optimization is heavily dependent 
on the use of effective tools of numerical linear algebra. On the other hand, 
many problems in numerical linear algebra lead to linear, nonlinear or 
semidefinite optimization problems. The purpose of the conference is to bring 
together researchers from both communities and to find and communicate points 
and topics of common interest.

Conference topics include any subject that could be of interest to both 
communities, such as:

Direct and iterative methods for large sparse linear systems.
Eigenvalue computation and optimization.
Large-scale nonlinear and semidefinite programming.
Effect of round-off errors, stopping criteria, embedded iterative procedures.
Optimization issues for matrix polynomials
Fast matrix computations.
Compressed/sparse sensing
PDE-constrained optimization
Distributed computing and optimization
Applications and real time optimization

Invited speakers
Amir Beck (Tel Aviv University)
Julian Hall (University of Edinburgh
Misha Kilmer (Tufts University)
Dominique Orban (Polytechnique Montréal)
Alison Ramage (University of Strathclyde)
Francoise Tisseur (University of Manchester)
Luis Nunes Vicente (University of Coimbra)
Steve Wright (University of Wisconsin)

Instructions for authors
Contributed talks are invited on all aspects of numerical linear algebra and 
optimization. Contributed talks will be accepted on the basis of a one page 
extended abstract which should be submitted by 28 February 2018 online at
Authors will be advised of acceptance by 31 March 2018. A book of abstracts 
will be made available to delegates at the conference.

Conference Fees
Early Bird Fee - IMA Member            £300.00
Early Bird Fee - SIAM Member          £300.00
Early Bird Fee - IMA Student             £140.00
Early Bird Fee - SIAM Student           £140.00
Early Bird Fee - Non IMA Member    £445.00
Early Bird Fee - Non-IMA Student     £160.00

The Early Bird Fee will be available until Monday 29 May after which fees will 
increase by £20.

Residential Fee           £128
The Residential fee includes B&B single en suite accommodation for the nights 
of 27 and 28 June at nearby Lucas House.
Additional night of 26 or 29 June each £64

Registration is open via 

If you are an IMA Member or you have previously registered for an IMA 
conference, then you are already on our database. Please "request a new 
password" using the email address previously used, to log in.

Organising committee
Michal Kocvara, University of Birmingham (co-chair, SIAM representative)
Daniel Loghin, University of Birmingham (co-chair)
Coralia Cartis, University of Oxford
Nick Gould, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Philip Knight, University of Strathclyde
Jennifer Scott, University of Reading and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Conference venue
The conference will be hosted by the University of Birmingham. Talks will take 
place in the School of Mathematics.

Key dates
Abstract submission: 28 February 2018
Notification of acceptance of abstracts: 31 March 2018
Conference: 27-29 June 2018
Further information
Conference webpage: 

For further information or to register your interest in this conference, please 
contact Lizzi Lake, Conference Officer: email, tel +44 
(0) 1702 354 020, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Catherine 
Richards House, 16 Nelson Street, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 1EF, UK.

In co-operation with the SIAM Activity Group on Optimization and SIAM Activity 
Group on Linear Algebra

2018 January 09                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2186
SUBJECT: WCLAM Second Announcement

Second  Announcement
Western Canada Linear Algebra Meeting
May 26-27, 2018
Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA

The Western Canada Linear Algebra Meeting (WCLAM) provides an opportunity
for mathematicians in western Canada and US working in linear algebra and 
related fields to meet, present accounts of their recent research, and to 
have informal discussions. While the meeting has a regional base, it also 
attracts people from outside the geographical area. This is the first time 
WCLAM will be held outside of Canada. Participation is open to anyone who 
is interested in attending or speaking at the meeting.

Please visit and bookmark the WCLAM 2018 website for updated information 
on registration (by April 15), support for students and post-docs 
(first-come-first-served), as well as accommodation options: 

2018 January 08                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2185
SUBJECT: ILAS Lectures at Non-ILAS Conferences and a General Support of Non-ILAS Conferences

As part of ILAS's commitment to supporting activities in Linear Algebra, the 
Society maintains a program of providing some support to non-ILAS conferences. 
This support may take one of two forms (a conference may apply for only one of 
these two forms).

ILAS Lectureships at non-ILAS conferences. It is expected that ILAS lecturers 
will be of the stature of plenary speakers at ILAS conferences, and may be 
supported by up to US$1000 for expenses, or in the case of a Hans Schneider 
Lecturer, US$1500. Reimbursement guidelines may be obtained from the 
Secretary/Treasurer Leslie Hogben.

General support of conferences of up to $750.  Such support could be used for 
support of student expenses, expenses for participants from developing 
countries, or plenary speakers. Refreshment costs are not eligible. You are 
welcome to consult the President Peter Semrl about what you may propose.

This is a reminder that there is a deadline of 30 September 2018 for receipt 
of proposals for sponsorship  of ILAS Lectures at non-ILAS meetings and for 
general support of conferences taking place in 2019. Please note that we will 
not be able to consider applications submitted after the deadline as it is 
important to rank all applications in one go. Each proposal is automatically 
assumed to be also a request for the ILAS endorsement of the conference.

Further details on the guidelines for proposals can be found at the following 

2018 January 01                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2184
SUBJECT: New Year's Wishes from ELA

Dear ILAS Community,

On behalf of the ELA Editorial Board, we would like to thank you for your 
continued efforts to support the Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra.  Your 
willingness to serve as referees, provide thoughtful and timely reports in the 
midst of your busy schedules, and submit some of your work to ELA are much 

Wishing a happy, productive New Year, and looking forward to seeing some to 
the productivity result in submissions to ELA!

Michael Tsatsomeros and Bryan Shader
The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra