Collaborations with other organizations

ILAS collaborates with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications (IWOTA).

    • The collaboration with SIAM started in 1999. The SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra (SIAG/LA) holds a conference every three years (when the year minus 2000 is divisible by 3). As part of the agreement, and to encourage interaction between ILAS and SIAG/LA members, the two societies do not hold conferences in the same year. As a result, ILAS holds conferences two out of every three years. In addition, the two societies exchange speakers with ILAS sponsoring two ILAS speakers at every triennial SIAM Applied Linear Algebra (SIAM ALA) meeting (organized by SIAG/LA) and with SIAM sponsoring a SIAM speaker at every ILAS conference. The first ILAS speakers at a SIAM ALA meeting were Hans Schneider and Hugo J. Woerdeman in 2000, and the first SIAM speakers at an ILAS conference were Michele Benzi and Misha Kilmer in 2002.
    • The collaboration with AMS started in late 2020 with the establishment of ILAS as a partner in the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM). In this capacity ILAS will support a speaker for the ILAS Lecture at the JMM to be selected by ILAS. In addition, at least four special sessions at the JMM will be identified as ILAS special sessions, the contents of which will be determined by ILAS. The partnership took effect starting with the JMM 2022 held virtually.
    • The collaboration with IWOTA started in 2017 with the establishment of the Israel Gohberg ILAS-IWOTA Lecture, which is funded by donations. This lecture series consists of biennial lectures either at an ILAS conference or at an IWOTA meeting. Israel Gohberg was the founding president of IWOTA and an active member of ILAS. The first Israel Gohberg ILAS-IWOTA Lecturer was Vern Paulsen at the 2021 IWOTA Lancaster UK meeting.