ILAS Prizes

The Hans Schneider Prize in Linear Algebra is awarded by ILAS for research, contributions, and achievements at the highest level of Linear Algebra. This prize may be awarded for an outstanding scientific achievement or for lifetime contribution.

Please visit the Hans Schneider Memorial Page to learn more about Hans Schneider’s life and contributions to linear algebra.

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ILAS Taussky-Todd Prize

Olga Taussky and John Todd have had a decisive impact on the development of theoretical and numerical linear algebra for over half a century. This prize honors them for their many and varied mathematical achievements and for their efforts in promoting linear algebra and matrix theory.

The ILAS Taussky-Todd Prize is awarded once every three to four years at an ILAS meeting designated by the ILAS executive committee.

The president shall appoint a committee consisting of at least four ILAS members to recommend a prize winner to the ILAS Executive Board.

The recipient should be a person who has received the Ph. D. degree within about fifteen years of receiving the prize, and who has made significant contributions to linear algebra and matrix theory. The recipient is expected to deliver a principal lecture at the ILAS meeting accepting the award.

The ILAS Taussky-Todd Prize was originally (before 2021) referred to as the Taussky-Todd Lecture.

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ILAS Richard A. Brualdi Early Career Prize

The ILAS Richard A. Brualdi Early Career Prize is given every three years at an ILAS Conference to an outstanding early career researcher in the field of linear algebra, for distinguished contributions to the field within seven years of receiving the PhD or equivalent degree.

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