Current ILAS Officers

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Executive Board:

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President – Daniel B. Szyld
Vice-President – Hugo J. Woerdeman
Second Vice-President (for ILAS Conferences) – Raf Vandebril
Secretary/Treasurer – Minerva Catral
Past Secretary/Treasurer – Leslie Hogben

Board of Directors, which consists of the Executive Board and:

Sebastian Cioabă
Dragana Cvetković Ilić
Melina Freitag
Apoorva Khare
Valeria Simoncini
Michael Tsatsomeros

ILAS-NET and ILAS Website:

Sarah Carnochan Naqvi, Manager
Dominique Guillot, Assistant Manager
Pietro Paparella, Assistant Manager

ILAS Resident Registered Agent in the State of Florida:

Fuzhen Zhang

Advisory Committee:

Misha Kilmer
Judith McDonald
James Nagy (chair)
Tin-Yau Tam

Editors-in-Chief of ELA:

Froilán Dopico
Michael Tsatsomeros

Editor-in-Chief of IMAGE:

Louis Deaett

Education Committee:

Anthony Cronin
Judith McDonald
Rachel Quinlan
Sepideh Stewart (chair)
David Strong

Journals Committee:

Louis Deaett (for IMAGE)
Froilán Dopico (for ELA)
Chi-Kwong Li
Beatrice Meini (chair)
Peter Šemrl

Outreach and Membership Committee:

Minerva Catral
Andrii Dmytryshyn
Federico Poloni
David Watkins (chair)