ILAS membership

Membership in ILAS is open to all mathematicians interested in furthering its aims and participating in its activities. The annual membership fee is US$ 40 per year. Dues can be waived annually for students, postdoctoral fellows, and people undergoing financial hardship. To become a member or to renew your membership fill out the online form by clicking the “Join ILAS now” button below.

Membership fees

Standard1 year$ 40
2 years$ 80
3 years$ 120
4 years$ 160
5 years$ 200
Lifetime*Over 63 years old$ 100
Over 60 years old and retired$ 100
Over 60 years old and not retired$ 200

* To qualify for Lifetime Membership, you must be a dues paying member of ILAS for at least 5 years. (The years need not be consecutive, but must be prior to life membership).