ILAS Grant Program in support of Mathematicians working in Linear Algebra affected by conflicts

Prompted by events in different countries, ILAS launches a pilot program to assist researchers in Mathematics with connections to Linear Algebra around the world who are affected by wars, oppression, or persecution. The objective is to provide up to a $1000 grant to each applicant selected by the ILAS Board of Directors so that they can continue pursuing their mathematical activities.

Applications are open to researchers in Mathematics at all levels, from graduate students to senior faculty. To apply for this program, it is required:

  1. To submit a cover letter explaining
    1. the particular circumstances of the application that make it clear which is the conflict that affects the applicant,
    2. the projected use of the funds attached to the grant by the applicant should be related to a clear scientific or academic purpose (attending to some conference, visiting some academic institution, relocating to another location, supplement a stipend for housing or childcare needs while visiting an institution, etc),
    3. the relation of the applicant with the field of Linear Algebra in a broad sense. For instance, past publications in journals related to Linear Algebra, past attendance to Linear Algebra related conferences, or past or current collaborations with well-known researchers in Linear Algebra would be positively considered.
  2. The cover letter should also include the names and e-mail addresses of up to three references. Indicating potential contacts among ILAS members would be helpful. In case the applicant is hosted temporarily in some institution, a reference from such institution should be included.
  3. To submit a complete CV containing a list of publications.

Applications in PDF format should be sent to the ILAS President with the subject line “ILAS Program in support of Linear Algebraists in conflicts”.

Applications of researchers that have received grants from this ILAS program before will be considered, but first-time applicants will be prioritized.

It is expected that the recipients of the grants send to the ILAS President a brief report about their situation and about the impact that the grant had on their activities no later than one year after the grant is awarded.