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2021 April 15 ILAS-NET Message No. 2340
SUBJECT: SGT Online 2021 – Apr. 28/29Dear members of the Spectral Graph Theory community,

Two Brazilian research groups in Spectral Graph Theory are proudly hosting an informal research event, called “SGT online 2021”, which will take place in the afternoons of April 28 and 29. The event is free, and no registration is required.

The full schedule of the event, and the respective links, are available at


All talks will be broadcast live on Youtube.

We look forward to your presence,

The organizers

2021 April 15                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2339
SUBJECT: IMA Mathematics 2021 Online Series

IMA Mathematics 2021 Online Series
6 and 25 May 2021, Online Event via Zoom

For a number of years, the IMA has been running a series of conferences to promote mathematics with the aim of demonstrating to both mathematicians and non-mathematicians the many uses of modern mathematics. Following last summer’s very successful IMA Mathematics 2020 series collaboration with the Newton Gateway to Mathematics, we are pleased to announce two events for 2021 taking place this May.

The first talk at the 6 May event will be from Nick Higham who has been awarded the Gold Medal award in recognition of outstanding contributions to mathematics and its applications. This will be followed by Jane Leeks and David Abrahams discussing future developments in mathematical sciences knowledge exchange. (See the event page for further details)

On Tuesday 25 May, we will have two talks which feature the work of V-KEMS (Virtual Forum for Knowledge Exchange in Mathematical Sciences). Presentations will feature the work of two very successful virtual study groups, which ran in the earlier this year, on Reducing the Risk of Covid-19 Transmission on Trains and Modelling Solutions to the Impact of COVID-19 on Cardiovascular Waiting Lists. (See the event page for further details).

Programme – 6 May (Full Abstracts can be found at our website)
10.00-11.00 – Nick Higham (University of Manchester) – Gold Medallist Talk – Communicating Applied Mathematics in 2021
11.00-11.10 – Break
11.10-11.55 – David Abrahams and Jane Leeks (Isaac Newton Institute) – Mathematical Sciences in the UK – Future Developments and Directions in Mathematical Sciences Knowledge Exchange

Programme – 25 May (Full Abstracts can be found at our website)
10.00-10.10 – Matt Butchers (KTN Innovate) – Introduction to V-KEMS
10.10-10.40 – Chris Budd (University of Bath) – Reducing the Risk of Covid-19 Transmission on Trains
10.40-11.10 – Alan Champneys (University of Bristol) – Modelling Solutions to the impact of COVID-19 on Cardiovascular Waiting Lists

Registration for both weeks is currently open at Registration closes on 3 May for Week One and 21 May for Week Two.

If you are an IMA Member or you have previously registered for an IMA conference, then you are already on our database. Please “request a new password” using the email address previously used, to log in.

Non Member – £20.00 per day
IMA Member – £15.00 per day
Non Student Member- £10.00 per day
IMA Student Member – £5.00 per day

The fees go towards covering staff costs, and the cost of software licence fees required to run the conference.

The IMA Mathematics 2021 Online Series has been organised in collaboration with the Newton Gateway to Mathematics.

Further information
For general conference queries please contact the Conferences Team
Tel: +44 (0) 1702 354 020
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Catherine Richards House, 16 Nelson Street,
Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 1EF, UK


2021 April 15                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2338
SUBJECT: Corrected Zoom URL for ILAS Business Meeting May 14

Dear ILAS members:

You should have received an email from my email account ( with the corrected Zoom URL for ILAS Business Meeting Friday May 14.

This is intended for ILAS members only. If you are a member (or believe you are a member) and have not received my email (and it is not in your spam folder), please check your spam folder.

You can check the ILAS member list
to verify you are a member.

If you are a member and have not received my email, please  please contact ILAS Secretary/Treasurer Minerva Catral at
no later than May 1.

If you want to become a member or renew your membership please go to

I hope to see you all at the business meeting.

Daniel Szyld


2021 April 06                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2337
SUBJECT: Updated ILAS By-Laws

Dear ILAS members:

I tasked a committee formed by Leslie Hogben, Peter Semrl, and Hugo Woerdeman to revise our By-laws, and bring them up to date. There were many obsolete sections and some obscure passages. In addition, following the Journals Committee recommendation, term limits are now codified for ELA editors.

The revised By-laws have been approved by the ILAS Board of Directors, and are now posted on the ILAS Website.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Daniel B. Szyld
ILAS President

2021 April 04                                                    ILAS-NET Message No. 2336
SUBJECT:  2021 ILAS Business Meeting

You are hereby invited to attend the


Friday May 14, 11am EDT
Virtual via zoom (details to be provided)


A. Reading of Notice of Meeting.
B. Review of the Minutes of Previous Meeting.
C. Report of President and Vice President.
D. Report of Secretary/Treasurer.
E. Reports of Committees.
i)   Education Committee (chair: Sepideh Stewart)
ii)  Outreach and Membership Committee (chair: David Watkins)
iii) Journal Committee (chair: Beatrice Meini)
iv)  Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra (Editors: Froilan Dopico & Michael Tsatsomeros)
v)   IMAGE (Editor: Louis Deaett)
F. Transaction of Other Business.
i)  Future ILAS meetings
ii) Any other business
G. Adjournment.

Below are the minutes of the 2019 Business Meeting

Minutes of the ILAS Business meeting held on Thursday July 11, 2019, Main Auditorium, Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

President Semrl called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. About 55 ILAS members were in attendance.

A. Reading of notice of meeting.

B. Reading of the minutes from the previous meeting.

Minutes of the 2017 Business Meeting held in Ames, Iowa, were approved.

C. Report of President and Vice-President

President Semrl reported on items that were new since the last President and Vice-President report that was published in the 2019 Spring issue of IMAGE.

  • The Board approved the proposal to hold the ILAS 2022 conference in Madrid. The organizers will present the proposal later in the meeting.
  • The Board approved a change to the ‘Guidelines for the Hans Schneider Prize’ allowing for a medal instead of a plaque.
  • The Board approved pursuing a Wikipedia page for ILAS. The page will contain material that does not require updating. Wayne Barrett will lead a team to provide content for the page. A volunteer from the membership will be needed to provide technical support to create and seek publication of the Wikipedia page. Those interested are encouraged to contact President Semrl.
  • More items were discussed at the board meeting, but those issues have not reached a conclusion yet. When they do, the membership will be informed.

D. Report of Secretary/Treasurer.

Treasurer Hogben presented the Treasurer’s Report, which was published in IMAGE 62, and indicated that ILAS is in good financial state with a current balance of ~186K. It was reiterated that as a general rule ILAS is aiming to spend what comes in. In recent years support of conferences has increased.

Treasurer Hogben introduced newly appointed Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Minerva Catral. Daniel Szyld initiated a round of applause in recognition of Treasurer Hogben’s dedicated service.

E. Reports of Committees.

i.   Education Committee

The Education committee is composed of Avi Berman, Steve Leon, Sepideh Stewart, and David Strong (chair). As no committee member could be present at the business meeting, Chair Strong provided slides to be presented at the meeting.

The slides showed three notable activities since the 2017 ILAS Business Meeting:

  • Articles on Linear Algebra education in IMAGE
  • Sessions on “Innovative and Effective Ways to Teach Linear Algebra” at 2018 and 2019 Joint Meetings of the AMS and MAA
  • National Pedagogical Initiatives on Linear Algebra

The committee encourages comments and suggestions from ILAS members on furthering the teaching, learning and exploration of Linear Algebra.

ii. Institutional Membership Committee

The committee is composed of Minerva Catral, Heike Faßbender, Yongdo Lim (chair), and Peter Semrl (ex-officio). Heike Faßbender reported for the committee.

The current institutional members are: Elsevier; Pearson; World Scientific; SIAM; CRC Press; Taylor and Francis; Maplesoft, and Birkhäuser/Springer. Birkhäuser/Springer is a new addition due to the Israel Gohberg ILAS-IWOTA Lecture series, which was approved by the ILAS board in 2017.

Faßbender reported that the committee has tried to attract non-US based sponsors, but while these were happy to provide funds for ILAS conferences they were not inclined to become an Institutional Member of ILAS. While one may stay on the lookout for new Institutional Members, it may be advisable for the committee to focus on keeping the current Institutional Members well engaged. The committee expressed that help from any ILAS member in these efforts is very welcome.

iii.  Journals Committee

The Journals Committee is composed of Rajendra Bhatia (chair), Geir Dahl, Froilán Dopico, Michael Tsatsomeros (ex-officio), and Louis Deaett (ex-officio). Tsatsomeros reported for the committee.

Tsatsomeros reported that Bryan Shader has expressed the desire to step down as Editor-In-Chief of ELA at the end of his term in October 2019. ILAS and the Journals Committee are considering a replacement.

Tsatsomeros continued, reporting for ELA.

iv. ELA

  • Editorial Board: Editors-in-Chief (Bryan Shader and Michael Tsatsomeros), 7 Advisory Editors, 16 Associate Editors, an Associate Managing Editor and an Assistant Managing Editor.
  • The ELA annual budget of $3500 from ILAS can be spent at the discretion of the Editor(s)-in-Chief of ELA for operational expenses related to copy editing, plagiarism checking, and maintenance of the ELA portal, as well as travel for the Editors-in-Chief and Managing Editors to attend ILAS conferences and SIAM ALA conferences. The OverLeaf platform that is currently free, may start charging fees.
  • Milestone ahead: ELA is approaching 1,000 papers published since 1996. Suggestions for a celebration are welcome. Richard Brualdi noted that ELA’s 25th anniversary is coming up in 2021, and that one could consider a satellite meeting to SIAM-LA 2021 to celebrate this. Other disciplines have done this.
  • To date over 185,000 papers from over 5,800 institutions and 184 countries have been downloaded from the ELA portal. 48,000 downloads of ELA papers occurred in the last year.
  • ELA receives about 250 submissions per year. Each volume has about 50 papers. Tsatsomeros expresses the desire to receive more submissions from core ILAS members. About 90% of the authors he does not know.
  • Time from submission to publication for a regular volume is about 9-10 months. While not bad considering ELA is run by volunteers, Tsatsomeros hopes to reduce this time in the future.
  • Tsatsomeros discusses some metrics, comparing them to LAA, LAMA, Operators & Matrices, Special Matrices, and SIMAX. For instance, the SNIP (=normalized impact factor) 2017 for ELA is 0.886, while for the others the SNIP is 1.185, 0.951, 0.656, 0.481 and. 1.747, respectively. Other metrics show similar results. While exact interpretation of these numbers is hard, it does seem to indicate that it is fair to say that ELA is at a competitive footing among the leading linear algebra journals.
  • The number of total ELA citations shows an upward trend, with over 500 for 2017.
  • It is expected that two members of the editorial board will step down in the near future.
  • Currently ELA has no policy on education oriented papers. The editorial board will have to discuss this. After it was brought up, Volker Mehrmann confirmed that LAA does not publish educational oriented papers. Daniel Szyld suggested that other journals are focused on educational papers, and that ELA should continue to focus on research papers. Tsatsomeros reiterated that a discussion in the Editorial Board on this topic will be pending, and that one can also consider special issues focused on educational papers.
  • Volker Mehrmann asked whether the current website set-up of ELA is sustainable. Tsatsomeros answered that Shader will continue as Managing Editor, and that he is committed to continue to contribute to ELA, and that the University of Wyoming website will continue to serve as the ELA website.
  • Volker Mehrmann brought up that Plan S, an initiative for open-access science publishing, is emerging, and that ELA should consider collecting open access fees from those authors willing and able to pay such funds. In addition, he made the point that for some, when they pay for services, it makes the service more valuable to them. Tsatsomeros said that the Editorial Board will consider this.
  • Sebastian Cioaba asked about accessibility of papers to readers with disabilities, noting that accessibility of teaching materials is increasingly a concern for universities. Daniel Szyld added that in use of colors, the color blind should be taken into account. Tsatsomeros responded that this is an issue to look into, and that it may require an appropriate version of LaTeX.

v. Report on IMAGE

Editor-in-Chief, Louis Deaett. Former Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Vander Meulen, reported.

  • Vander Meulen started by expressing his gratitude to the members of the editorial board for their service.
  • Vander Meulen reported that the creation of a book of problems and solutions based on the problem section of IMAGE, is an ongoing project. Rajesh Pereira, who is in charge of the project, has talked to various publishers, and details still need to be worked out.
  • The number of downloads of IMAGE continue to go up, currently about 1500 per year. Mysteriously, issue 45 remains one of the most popular, perennially averaging over 1000 downloads per year. Possible explanations are welcome.
  • Colin Garnett began a term as editor for book reviews with IMAGE 60, replacing Doug Farenick.
  • Naomi Shaked-Monderer ended her tenure as editor of the history section with IMAGE 61. No replacement has currently been found. If anyone is interested, please contact Editor-in-Chief Deaett.
  • Minerva Catral stepped down as editor for conferences after IMAGE 59. For issues 60 and 61, Jillian McLeod served as conferences editor. She has been unable to continue serving in this capacity, and IMAGE 62 went without a dedicated member of the staff responsible for this section. Again, if anyone is interested to serve in this role, please contact Editor-in-Chief Deaett.
  • IMAGE is also looking to diversify geographically, and especially encourages potential contributors from a continent other than North America.
  • Sebastian Cioaba, who handles feature articles, asked for suggestions for future feature articles. President Semrl suggested to put out a call via ILAS-Net.

President Semrl noted that all those involved in ELA and IMAGE do hard work.

F. Transaction of other business

i) Future ILAS meetings

The 23st ILAS meeting will be held at National University of Ireland, Galway, June 22-26, 2020. Organizers Rachel Quinlan and Helena Smigoc advertised the conference website, They encouraged suggestions that will be helpful to make the conference a success, and they announced that a call for minisymposia will go out soon. They encouraged all ILAS members to come to ILAS 2020.

The 24th ILAS meeting will be held at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Madrid, Spain, June 6-10, 2022. Organizers Fernando De Terán and Roberto Canogar presented impressions of the city of Madrid, which were welcomed by the membership. Vilmar Trevisan asked about the envisioned registration fee, to which De Terán answered that they hope to be in the same ballpark as ILAS 2019.

Sebastian Cioaba expressed the concern that the ratio of female vs male plenary speakers at ILAS conferences was perhaps somewhat at the low end. President Semrl noted that in the ‘Guidelines for the Organization of ILAS Meetings’ diversity in various ways is a requirement for a successful conference proposal. Aside from diversity in gender, it also addresses diversity in topics, diversity of career stage, and geographical diversity. In addition, organizing committees are required to show diversity. Having said that, President Semrl continued, the ILAS Executive Board is always interested in feedback from the membership when specific concerns arise.

ii) Other business

Vice President Woerdeman, noting that this is Semrl’s last ILAS business meeting as President, initiated a round of applause showing appreciation of President Semrl for his dedicated service.

G. Adjournment

President Semrl adjourned the meeting at 7:21 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Hugo Woerdeman, Vice-President of ILAS.

2021 April 03 ILAS-NET Message No. 2335
SUBJECT: Matrix Equations and Tensor Techniques Workshop, Perugia, Italy, September 9-10, 2021

The next Matrix Equations and Tensor Techniques Workshop will be hosted on Thursday and Friday 09-10 September 2021 in Umbria, Italy, at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Perugia. This is the ninth in a series on biennial appointments. As in previous meetings, the focus will be on recent theoretical and computational advances in the solution of tensor problems and linear and nonlinear matrix equations.

Registration is free of charge, and attendees are invited to give a presentation. More information on abstract submission, including deadlines, can be found at

We are currently planning for the meeting to be held in a hybrid format (virtual and in-person). All attendees, including those presenting a talk, will be given the option to take part in the conference virtually, if they so prefer, but we strongly encourage in-person participation whenever possible. Should travel restriction make the journey to Perugia impractical for most attendees, the conference will switch to a fully virtual event. A final decision on the format will be made and communicated to all those who have registered by August 8.

Kind regards,
Bruno Iannazzo
On behalf of the organizing committee


2021 April 02                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2334
SUBJECT: Nominations sought for the Hans Schneider Prize 2022

The 2022 Hans Schneider Prize in Linear Algebra Committee has been appointed by the ILAS President upon the advice of the ILAS Executive Board. It consists of: Rajendra Bhatia, Anne Greenbaum, Leslie Hogben, Martha Takane, Paul Van Dooren (chair) and Daniel Szyld (ILAS president – ex-officio member).

It is the responsibility of the committee to solicit nominations and to make a recommendation to the ILAS Executive Board for this Prize to be awarded at the ILAS 2022 meeting in Galway.

Nominations of distinguished individuals judged worthy of consideration for the Prize, are now being invited from members of ILAS and the linear algebra community in general. In nominating an individual, the nominator should include:

(1) a brief biographical sketch, and

(2) a statement explaining why the nominee is considered worthy of the prize, including references to publications or other contributions of the nominee which are considered most significant in making this assessment.

The prize guidelines can be found at


and the list of all Hans Schneider Prize winners at


Nominations are open until September 30, 2021 and should be sent by email to the chair, Paul Van Dooren ( The committee may ask the nominator to supply additional information.

2021 April 02                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2333
SUBJECT: Registration for the SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra

The ILAS 2021 meeting is embedded in the SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra, May 17-21, 2021, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. ILAS members receive the SIAM Member SIAG/LA registration rate ($160 before 5/1/21 and $210 after 5/1/21).

Please choose your SIAM membership status below. Go to the registration page at
and follow these instructions.

• If you are not a SIAM member, create an account to use the online registration system. Select the Non Member price and “ILAS Member” in the drop down menu.
• If you are a SIAM member and not a SIAG/LA member, login using your SIAM credentials. Select the Member price. On the My Cart/Order Summary page, enter the Promotion Code: LA21ILAS and hit “apply”.
• If you are a SIAM member and a SIAG/LA member, login using your SIAM credentials. Select the Member price. You will receive the SIAG/LA discount during checkout.

Raf Vandebril
Vice-president for Conferences, ILAS


2021 April 02                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2333
SUBJECT: Registration for the SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra

The ILAS 2021 meeting is embedded in the SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra, May 17-21, 2021, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. ILAS members receive the SIAM Member SIAG/LA registration rate ($160 before 5/1/21 and $210 after 5/1/21).

Please choose your SIAM membership status below. Go to the registration page at
and follow these instructions.

• If you are not a SIAM member, create an account to use the online registration system. Select the Non Member price and “ILAS Member” in the drop down menu.
• If you are a SIAM member and not a SIAG/LA member, login using your SIAM credentials. Select the Member price. On the My Cart/Order Summary page, enter the Promotion Code: LA21ILAS and hit “apply”.
• If you are a SIAM member and a SIAG/LA member, login using your SIAM credentials. Select the Member price. You will receive the SIAG/LA discount during checkout.

Raf Vandebril
Vice-president for Conferences, ILAS


2021 March 31                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2332
SUBJECT: Shmuel Friedland, SIAM Fellow

Congratulations to ILAS member Shmuel Friedland for becoming a SIAM Fellow, class of 2021

( .

It is a great honor, and we are all very proud.


2021 March 31                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2331
SUBJECT:  Two Announcements: New web site, PayPal

ILAS has a newly revamped website. Check it out at the usual address:

Note that the latest five ELA papers are listed (titles only), as well as the latest five posting at the ILAS-Net.

Note also that concurrent to the launch of the new web site, ILAS now accepts PayPal (and credit cards through PayPal) for membership dues and donations.

This new website has been a big effort over several months, and I want to thank everyone involved, many putting inordinate amount of time (and it shows if I may say so).

Dominique Guillot, a member volunteer, who did the technical work of the whole redesign.

Sarah Carnochan Naqvi, our ILAS-Net and ILAS Website Manager, working with him throughout the process.

Minnie Catral, our Secretary/Treasurer who worked out the details with PayPal.

Hugo Woerdeman, our Vice-President, who oversaw the whole enterprise and provided designs ideas.

Please join me in thanking them with heartful appreciation.

Daniel Szyld
ILAS President


2021 March 14 ILAS-NET Message No. 2330
SUBJECT: ILAS Lectures at Non-ILAS Conferences and a General Support of Non-ILAS Conferences

As part of ILAS’s commitment to supporting activities in Linear Algebra, the Society maintains a program of providing some support to non-ILAS conferences. This support may take one of two forms (a conference may apply for only one of these two forms).

ILAS Lectureships at non-ILAS conferences. It is expected that ILAS lecturers will be of the stature of plenary speakers at ILAS conferences, and may be supported by up to US$1000 for expenses, or in the case of a Hans Schneider Lecturer, US$1500. Reimbursement guidelines may be obtained from the Secretary/Treasurer Minnie Catral.

General support of conferences of up to $750. Such support could be used for support of student expenses, expenses for participants from developing countries, or plenary speakers. Refreshment costs are not eligible. You are welcome to consult the President Daniel B. Szyld about what you may propose.

This is a reminder that there is a deadline of 30 September 2021 for receipt of proposals for sponsorship of ILAS Lectures at non-ILAS meetings and for general support of conferences taking place in 2022. Please note that we will not be able to consider applications submitted after the deadline as it is important to rank all applications at once. Each proposal is automatically assumed to be also a request for the ILAS endorsement of the conference.

Further details on the guidelines for proposals can be found at the following link:


2021 March 14 ILAS-NET Message No. 2329
SUBJECT: Panel on Transforming Learning and Teaching Linear Algebra

On May 6, 3:30-5pm ET there will be a panel discussion on the topic
Transforming Learning and Teaching Linear Algebra hosted by the MAA.

Panelists are:
Sheldon Axler, Eugene (Bud) Boman, Minerva Catral, Guershon Harel, Judi
McDonald, Sepideh Stewart, Gilbert Strang, David Strong, Megan Wawro

For details, see


2021 March 04 ILAS-NET Message No. 2328

SUBJECT: Reminder Special Issue of Computational and Mathematical Methods (CMM)

This is a reminder on the call for papers for the special issue of the journal
Computational and Mathematical Methods (CMM) on Linear Algebra, Matrix Analysis,
and Applications

CMM is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing the world’s top
research in the expanding area of computational mathematics, science and
engineering. The journal connects methods in business, economics, engineering,
mathematics and computer science in both academia and industry.

Mathematical modelling of problems arising in engineering, physics, mechanics,
etc. leads in many cases, directly or after a discretization process, to solving
systems of linear equations of finite dimension. Besides, other problems of
Numerical Analysis, such as approximation, interpolation, nonlinear systems,
computation of eigenvalues, etc., lead to the resolution of large systems. Thus,
it is essential to develop efficient numerical Linear Algebra methods, in both
sequential and parallel environments, to solve them. The main purpose of this
Special Issue is to collect original contributions about the solution of such
problems as well as other applications of Linear Algebra from a multidisciplinary

The guest editors of this special issue are Luca Bergamaschi
(, Fernando De Terán (, and Pedro
Alonso (

Submission Details:
Authors should follow the author guidelines. All papers must be submitted via the
online system

Authors need to make sure they specify that the paper is a contribution for
“Special Issue on Linear Algebra, Matrix Analysis and Applications” and select the
article type, when prompted. All papers will be peer reviewed according to the
high standards of CMM.

Deadline for submissions: *June 30, 2021*.

We invite you to participate in the Special Issue with a contribution.

Best regards.

Luca Bergamaschi, Fernando De Terán, and Pedro Alonso

2021 March 04 ILAS-NET Message No. 2327
SUBJECT: Workshop in honor of Ken Hayami’s retirement, March 2021

We are very pleased to announce

The 2nd Workshop on Numerical Algebra, Algorithms and Analysis March 16–17, 2021

in honor of Professor Ken Hayami on the occasion of his retirement from the
National Institute of Informatics and The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
(SOKENDAI), Japan. This two-day online workshop aims at bringing together experts
in the fields of numerical linear algebra, large-scale matrix and tensor
computations, iterative methods and preconditioning, eigenvalue problems, least
squares problems, etc.

Professor Hayami obtained the Doctor of Philosophy Degrees from the Wessex
Institute of Technology, UK (1991) and the University of Tokyo (1993). He has
worked on preconditioned conjugate gradient methods for vector processors,
quadrature for nearly singular integrals in the boundary element method, Krylov
subspace methods for singular systems and least squares problems.

Further information on the workshop can be found on the webpage

The conference is open to everyone. Registration via the above webpage is required
for participation with Zoom URLs. We expect substantial participation from
Professor Hayami’s many coworkers and colleagues, including his former PhD and
internship students.

We look forward to seeing you online on this special occasion.

Xiaoke Cui, Zeyu Liao, Keiichi Morikuni,
Kota Sugihara, Ning Zheng
Organizing Committee

2021 March 01                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2326
SUBJECT:  ILAS Special Sessions at JMM

As previously announced ILAS becomes a partner with the AMS for the annual Joint
Mathematical Meetings (JMM) starting in January 2022. There will be an ILAS
Lecture, and at least four ILAS Special Sessions.

If you want to organize a Special Session please send a short proposal with the
title of the session (and possible speakers) to our Vice-President for Conferences
Raf Vandebril ( as soon as you can, but no later than
March 31, as the JMM deadline for submissions is April 7.

Thank you,
Raf Vandebril

2021 February 11                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2325
SUBJECT: Education Committee

I am pleased to announce the constitution of the ILAS Education Committee for
next two years as follows:

Anthony Cronin
Judith McDonald
Sepideh Stewart, Chair
David Strong
Rachel Quinlan

I thank the new and continuing committee members for their service to the Society.

Daniel Szyld
ILAS President

2021 February 03                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2324
SUBJECT:  Results of the ILAS election

Dear ILAS members:

The election results are in!

Minerva Catral was elected as ILAS Secretary/Treasurer.

Melina Freitag and Apoorva Khare were elected to the ILAS Board of Directors.

They will start their terms on March 1st.

We thank everyone who run for their commitment to ILAS.

We also thank the officers whose terms end on February 28: Maria Isabel Bueno
and Vilmar Trevisan who served on the Board with gusto.

Leslie Hogben who has served as Secretary/Treasurer for twelve years! She has
been the bedrock of the Society taking care of our finances and and
indispensable member of the Executive Board.

I also want to publicly thank Peter Smerl, the Past President, who ends in this
function at the end of this month. His advise during the last year has been

With this election, the ILAS officers will consist of:

Executive Board:
President: Daniel B Szyld (term ends 28 February 2023)
Vice President: Hugo Woerdeman (term ends 28 February 2022)
2nd Vice President for Conferences: Raf Vandbril (term ends 28 February 2023)
Secretary/Treasurer Minerva Catral (term ends 28 February 2024)

Additional Members of the Board of Directors:
Valeria Simoncini (term ends 28 February 2022)
Michael Tsatsomeros (term ends 28 February 2022)
Sebastian Cioaba (term ends 28 February 2023)
Dragana Cvetkovic-Ilic (term ends 28 February 2023)
Melina Freitag (term ends 28 February 2024)
Apoorva Khare (term ends 28 February 2024)

2021 January 28                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2323
SUBJECT:  Registration for the SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra

The ILAS 2021 meeting is embedded in the SIAM Conference on Applied Linear
Algebra, May 17-21, 2021, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

All ILAS members enjoy a reduced registration fee.

To benefit from this discount one must pay their ILAS dues before Feb 21, if
not already done so.

To join or verify your membership, go to

In addition to instructions for joining, this page lists all current members
(scroll down to see the list) and is updated periodically.

Raf Vandebril
Vice-president, ILAS

2021 January 26                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2322
SUBJECT:  ILAS Richard A. Brualdi Early Career Prize

It is very exciting to announce that ILAS is initiating the ILAS Richard A.
Brualdi Early Career Prize.

The Board approved this new prize which will be awarded every three years at
an ILAS Conference to an outstanding early career researcher in linear
algebra, for distinguished contributions to the field within seven years of
receiving the PhD or equivalent degree.  For complete guidelines, see

The prize is named for Richard A. Brualdi, who has been active in ILAS since
its inception and who has been and continues to be instrumental to its
success. Indeed, in 1987 he was a committee member when the International
Matrix Group/The International Linear Algebra Community was established,
which soon thereafter became ILAS.  He has since served in ILAS in several
capacities including as Vice-President (1992-1995) and President (1996-2002).
The first ILAS Richard A. Brualdi Early Career Prize will be awarded at the
ILAS Conference in Madrid in 2023, where the awardee will also present a
plenary lecture. Calls for nomination will go out in 2022. Nominees would
have received a doctoral degree no earlier than 1st October 2015.

To make a contribution towards the ILAS Richard A. Brualdi Early Career Prize
please go to

2021 January 21                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2321
SUBJECT:  Changes at Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra (ELA)

The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra (ELA) has transitioned to a
professional copyediting service starting with Volume 37 (2021). ELA and ILAS
wish to express their deepest gratitude to Panos Psarrakos and Sarah Carnochan
Naqvi for their tremendous contributions in performing this editorial service
for more than a decade. Their tireless work was marked by high quality
professionalism and it exemplified the volunteerism that benefits our society.

ELA is now in its 25th year of operation and has published well over one
thousand articles. These milestones will be celebrated by an ILAS-sponsored
plenary talk at the upcoming SIAM Conference in Applied Linear Algebra (LA21)
and the embedded 23rd Conference of ILAS (ILAS21), May 17-21, 2021.

Daniel Szyld                        Froilan Dopico and Michael Tsatsomeros
President, ILAS                     Editors-in-Chief, ELA

2021 January 18                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2320
SUBJECT:   ILAS announces the first ILAS Lecturer at JMM

Dear ILAS members:

The ILAS Board has selected Pauline van den Driessche to be the first ILAS
Lecturer at JMM. She will deliver her lecture at the Joint Mathematics
Meetings to be held in Seattle, WA 2022, on January 5-8, 2022

(If you want to organize an ILAS Special Session at this meeting, please
contact our Vice-President for Conferences, Raf Vandebril
<>. The deadline is in about six weeks. )

2021 January 12                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2318
SUBJECT:   Mark your Calendars: ILAS Business Meeting

Dear ILAS members:

We will hold our 2021 Business Meeting in conjunction with our ILAS Conference,
which this year is embedded in the SIAM Applied Linear Algebra Conference which
is taking place online on 17-21 May 2021. We plan to hold the
business meeting as a separate zoom call, open to all (even if you do not
register for the conference). The meeting will take place on

Friday 14 May 2021
8AM Pacific Time, 11 AM Eastern Time, 17:00 CET, 21:30 India Time, 24:00 China

Please mark your calendars.