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2023 January 24
ILAS-NET Message No. 2460
SUBJECT: ILAS Lectures at Non-ILAS Conferences and General Support at Non-ILAS Events

As part of ILAS's commitment to supporting activities in Linear Algebra, the Society maintains a program of providing some support to non-ILAS conferences. This financial support may take one of two forms (a conference may apply for only one of these two forms).

ILAS Lectureships at non-ILAS conferences. It is expected that ILAS lecturers will be of the stature of plenary speakers at ILAS conferences and may be supported by up to US$1000 for expenses, or in the case of a Hans Schneider Lecturer, US$1500. Reimbursement guidelines may be obtained from the Secretary/Treasurer.

General support of conferences of up to $750. Such support could be used for support of student expenses, expenses for participants from developing countries, or plenary speakers. Refreshment costs are not eligible. You are welcome to consult the President of ILAS about what you may propose.

This is a reminder that there is a deadline of 30 September 2023 for receipt of proposals for sponsorship of ILAS Lectures at non-ILAS meetings and for general support of conferences taking place in 2024. Please note that we will not be able to consider applications submitted after the deadline as it is important to rank all applications in one go. Each proposal is automatically assumed to be also a request for the ILAS endorsement of the conference.

A statement whether the conference will adhere to the ILAS Welcoming and Inclusiveness Statement should be included in the proposal. Further details on the guidelines for proposals can be found at the following link:

In addition, ILAS may endorse a Non-ILAS conference, without financial support. Such endorsed meetings can list ILAS' endorsement on their website, and in turn, the conferences are listed on the website of ILAS-Endorsed Meetings:

Daniel B. Szyld
ILAS President
2023 January 19
ILAS-NET Message No. 2459
SUBJECT: Postdoctoral position at Örebro University

Örebro University and the School of Science and Technology are looking for a postdoc in mathematics (linear algebra, optimization, ...).

The project is about data completion problem for motion capture systems. Motion-capture systems are used for investigating and improving various mechanical processes. There are many ways of tracking motion using such systems. In the project we focus on the problems associated with the usage of passive markers and video recording. This type of tracking requires that the markers are visible in the video which is not always the case. Therefore, tracking the motions may become problematic or even impossible and, therefore, a sophisticated method for completing the data from the missing markers is needed.

If you are interested in this position send your CV to as soon as possible.
2023 January 19
ILAS-NET Message No. 2458
SUBJECT: Opportunities: Conference, Small meetings, Mentoring

Dear ILAS members and friends:

Today I bring three items to your attention.

A reminder that the submission of contributed talks to the 25th ILAS Conference in Madrid next June is open; see the conference website:

As it happens, the New York Times selected Madrid as one the 52 places to visit in 2023, see (Madrid is number 44 in the list). Another reason to attend the ILAS Conference!!

The NSF Mathematics Institutes (see as well as PIMS (see and BIRS (see and its affiliates have a plethora of opportunities for Linear Algebra research (workshops, conferences, thematic semesters, collaborations, etc.). I encourage you to consider taking advantage of these opportunities.

Lastly, the Prison Mathematics Projects ( has mentorship opportunities for you to help a prisoner (in the US) with interest in mathematics.

Daniel B. Szyld
ILAS President
2023 January 15
ILAS-NET Message No. 2457
SUBJECT: Postdoc position

Dear ILAS members and friends:

Happy New Year! The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Nevada, Reno has an opening of a two-year postdoc position with a possible one-year extension, starting August 1, 2023. The job responsibilities include teaching two courses per semester and conducting research with our current faculty + minimal amount of service. The compensation is $52,000 per year. Nevada has no state income tax. For those who are interested, please contact Tin-Yau Tam (, Chair and Professor, by February 10, 2023. The materials listed below are required for our postdoc search committee.
• CV
• Cover letter
• Applicants must also arrange for at least three (3) reference letters, with at least one discussing the applicant’s teaching ability.
• Research Statement
• Teaching Statement

Tin-Yau Tam
Department Chair & Professor
Seneca C. and Mary B. Weeks Chair in Mathematics
Mathematics and Statistics, University of Nevada, Reno
2023 January 15
ILAS-NET Message No. 2456
SUBJECT: Call for nominations for the 2024 ILAS JMM Lecturer

Dear ILAS members:

We are soliciting suggestions for the ILAS Lecturer at the 2024 Joint Mathematical Meetings (JMM) in San Francisco, CA, USA, 3–6 January 2024. The ILAS JMM Lecturer will also have the opportunity to organize one or more special sessions at the JMM.

Please send your suggestions for ILAS JMM Lecturers, along with a short justification and a CV, if possible, to Ilse Ipsen ( by 31 January 2023.

We look forward to hearing from you, and with best regards,

Ilse Ipsen
(on behalf of the selection committee [Nair Abreu, Joseph Landsberg, Pauline van den Driessche, and Daniel Szyld])
2023 January 12                                             
ILAS-NET Message No. 2455
SUBJECT: JMM2023 Report & Call for Special Sessions for JMM 2024

Dear ILAS members and friends of ILAS:

We just concluded the activities of the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston. As you know, ILAS is a partner member of the JMM, and this was the first time we attended in-person in this capacity.

It was nice to see so many ILAS people at the ILAS address, given by Apoorva Khare, and at the multiple ILAS Special Sessions.

Apoorva Khare's talk was titled "Analysis and applications of Schur polynomials". In his lecture, Prof. Khare presented several results involving Schur polynomials, viewed as functions on the positive orthant. A true tour de force involving material studied since the XVIII Century, and others from more recent times. This talk was taped. So, in a month or so, it will appear on the AMS YouTube channel. Apoorva was publicly recognized for his lecture at the JMM Prize Ceremony and awarded a framed certificate (official pictures coming soon).

The four special sessions were lively and well-attended. They were:
• Matrix Analysis and Applications (organized by  Hugo Woerdeman and Edward Poon),
• Matrices and Operators (Organized by Mohsen Aliabadi, Tin-Yau Tam, and Pan-Shun Lau), 
• The Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for a Graph and Zero Forcing (jointly presented with AIM and organized by Mary Flagg and Bryan A Curtis), and 
• Innovative and Effective Ways to Teach Linear Algebra (organized by David M. Strong, Gil Strang, Sepideh Stewart, and Megan Wawro).

It is not too early to start thinking of organizing an ILAS Special Session for the JMM 2024 to be held in early January in San Francisco. Please consider doing so and by writing to Raf Vandebril (, VP for Conferences.

Daniel B. Szyld
ILAS President
2023 January 09
ILAS-NET Message No. 2454
SUBJECT: Invitation to attend 05C50 online

Dear ILAS members:

Happy new year! The 05C50 Online is an online international seminar which showcases recent research trends in Graphs and Matrices, organized by Dr. Steve Kirkland and Hermie Monterde from the University of Manitoba. We will start 2023 with a bang with talks from Michael Tait on January 13 and Helena Šmigoc on January 27. As usual, the seminar will run once every two weeks on a Friday, 10 am to 11:30 am Central Time. To subscribe and receive Zoom links for this seminar, please fill out the following form:

For more information, please visit our website:


Hermie Monterde (she/her)